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i am the skeleton key

Mar. 31st, 2009 | 11:27 pm

"round here, we talk just like lions but we sacrifice like lambs"

things that are on my mind right now:
- how fucking immense the counting crows are. for real. if you haven't already, check out 'black and blue'.
- that big girls don't cry. unless they are alone in a very dark room with an acceptable amount of depressing mood music.
- my life would be the most annoying, random, shittiest movie, were it to be recreated on film.
- anxiety can kiss my ass.
- my skeletons are kicking down the closet door and are about thirty seconds from getting out. i can keep them in there if someone hands me a hammer, duct tape, and a chicken riding a goat.
- i only make sense to myself. SHAMWOW.

love etc

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